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Wild About Utah a Utah Public Radio production featuring contributors who share a love of nature, preservation and education. Contributors include
Bridgerland Audubon Society, Cache Valley Wildlife Association, Quinney College of Natural Resources, Utah State University, Stokes Nature Center, and Utah Master Naturalist Program, Utah State University Extension.

Utah is a state endowed with many natural wonders from red rock formations to salt flats. And from desert wetlands to columns of mountains forming the basin and range region. When we look closer, nature is everywhere including just outside our door.
Listen as we describe the wonders of nature in Utah: plants, animals, geologic formations; ancient, present; terrestrial, avian and aquatic.

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About Our Theme Music

The Wild About Utah theme is Trout and Berry Days by Leaping Lulu, a neo-traditional Irish folk band based in Logan, Utah USA. Leaping Lulu plays venues of all shapes and sizes, from small weddings to large stadiums, and entertains at various levels from background music to full-on concerts. Leaping Lulu offers a mix of acoustic instrumental and vocal music, suitable for general audiences of all ages.

We appreciate Leaping Lulu allowing us to use their music for Wild About Utah.

You can find their music in several locations, here are a few:
Leapin Lulu on Amazon
High Road, Low Road on Amazon, featuring Trout and Berry Days
Purchase a download of Trout and Berry Days from Amazon
About Our Bird Sounds

Since 1989, Kevin Colver has been recording the songs of birds in nature’s wild places. With an emphasis on birding by ear, his recordings have concentrated on bird song and calls throughout the western United States. These recordings have been shared with the public in his Songbirds series of CDs which introduce the birds of major western national parks. He assembled the work of many generous recordists in the comprehensive reference work “Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Western Region.” Since that time his recording activities have expanded to include the audio documentation of wild and threatened soundscapes from the Rio Grande in Texas to the ANWR in Alaska.

We appreciate Kevin allowing us to use his recordings on Wild About Utah

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Songbirds Series of CDs – Downloadable from WildSanctuary.com

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